Rent a bike in the city

Bicylcle mania has hit the streets of Paris and made the headlines thanks to the city's new bicycle hire scheme known as Vélib' which puts 20.000 bicycles at the diposal of its citizens and tourists alike. Anyone who uses a creditcard can use Vélib'.

It's very handy to start and end, the only problem is to find a free bicycle if you need one and to find a free bicycle parking place when you've finished with it. There should be stations with more parking places than bicycles.

Anyone would think the Parisians had invented freewheeling! But alas, the north got there first : Oslo, Copenhagen, Cologne, Berlin, Brussels, of course Amsterdan and Utrecht.

There are only winners, beginning with health and environmental protection and in the evening you're no longer dependent on taxis.

So on your bike !


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