When culinary meets "art-de-vivre"

Around the church-temple of la Madeleine you have several delicatessen shops. Two of the most known are Hédiard and Fauchon ( every year they make a contest of their Christmas decoration).

Hédiard is a delicatessen retailer since 1854. X-factor is the perfect selection of assorted herbs. The attractive tins, boxes and cases in which Hédiard packs its goods recall the former colonial-style store. Upstairs, you can eat at the Restaurant de l'Epicerie.

Fauchon has a more modern look and is more into fine dining. You can have salty éclairs or tarts with raw ham and vegetables, but also a sweet clubsandwich. It is revamped and got new colors ( black and fuchsia). They also have a bakery. You can buy a nice lunch with a half bottle of champagne, go upstairs and enjoy. We did it once, it did cost us 35 euro and think it's a nice way of tasting delkicatessen food.

Maille, a mustard brand, has a back in time shop on 6, place de la Madeleine

If luxury products are your favorites, Caviar Kaspia and Maison de la Truffe are also located at place de la Madeleine.

For 80 years, Caviar Kaspia has been one of Paris' major venues. Fashion designers, artists, writers, businessmen, connoisseurs and the Parisian smart-set love meeting upstairs at 17, place de la Madeleine, where pleasure, luxury and refinement have been guaranteed for years. There are all the different caviars, of course, but you can also enjoy dishes of smoked fish and rare Norwegian salmon.

La Maison de la Truffe restaurant in Paris joins the many other high-end epiceries and restaurants clustered around the iconic Place de la Madeleine. La Maison is partly a shop selling truffles, of course, as well as other high-end delicacies like caviar and foie gras. But there is also a convivial restaurant where the truffle is king.

And for wine lovers Lavinia, 3, Boulevard de la Madeleine has so much to offer. It's a massive wine shop.On the top floor they serve a nice lunch with excellent wines by the glass at shop prices.

If sweets and chocolates are what you're looking for, Ladurée is in the neighborghood, 16, Rue Royale.




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