Treating yourself with Lingerie

Every year Le salon international de la lingerie is held, only for trade visitors ( what a pity), here they can pick up new ideas. End of January it was for the collection winter 2008/2009. Through défilés,stands of fabricants, conferences and even a library de lingerie, they can choose their collection. Some of the new colors : metal ( back to the 80's) - blackout - blue snow- bronze( neo grunge)- purple( influence of fantastic movies) - radiance (the new reds) - blush ( comeback of pink).

Big brands show their défilés for summer 2008 these days. Nothing is crazy enough to make a big event. So Passionata (sister of Chantelle) got its défilé at the cabaret " Crazy Horse". Also the knew clip was shown. It is made by David LaChappele, a starphotographer of Hollywood. Isabella Fontana wearing Passion is sitting on an ice-sculpted horse that is melting during the shot. It's a modern fairy-tale showing the duality between the boudoiratmosphere and brutal passion. If all this has given you appetite to treat yourself with a knew outfit, head to the shops:

A year of two Galerie Lafayette, Boulvard Haussmann, changed their lingeriesection into Le Club Beauté-Lingerie. You can find the big names, but also some small and funny players. Even if you don't want to buy, just try a new outfit because the fittingrooms are fun with red plush walls, big mirrors and nice curtains. And maybe you like the look of yourself and go home with some new lingerie.

More intimate is Sabbio Rosa, Rue des Saints-Pères, 73, 6th arr.,a posh lingerie shop selling some of the world's most beautiful silk underclothes.Everything here is filmy, silky, and sexy. Look for the kind of negligees that might have been favored by Brigitte Bardot in "And God Created Woman."

But the queen of love is Chantal Thomass, rue St.Honoré 211. Chantal Thomass is a designer’s lingerie brand, the must for the luxury lingerie lovers. She reminds women that they could be attractive and seductive. The Chantal Thomass brand has a very special universe which may be defined by these words: Femininity, Sensuality, Chic, Glamour, Luxury, Seduction, Impertinence. If this is what you're looking for, why not invite yourself in her ultra-feminine pink flat.


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