Shopping with a real "parisienne"

A Parisien day just for you. With your personal shopper you can discover Paris of the Parisiens. They will make your visit up to your personal preferences after you have filled in a questionnaire. They do have an englisch spoken tour.

If you're also in search of young fashion-decoration designers, they want to open their address book for you. They can take you on a journey where you visit talented designers still unknown. Some of them don't have their own boutique yet and you can visit only their atelier. Some have already a boutique located in a hidden street.

When you take a tour with "Promenade des sens", you will discover new things.


Shopping with a real "parisienne"


I was wondering on what days this shopping tour can be booked? And how much it costs?


Written by Valerie Ceulemans 19/09/08 (10 years ago)

Shopping with a real "parisienne"

It depends what you want 4 or 7 hours : 300 - 480 euro for a group.
They do personalised tours, but it's best to contact them 3 weeks in advance on tel. 01 49 24 97 07

Written by Rita 26/09/08 (10 years ago)

re: Shopping with a real "parisienne"

hey! I´ll love to have more information about that, what would be the price for two persons?, and 2 days or 1 day??? Thanks

Written by Larissa 28/11/10 (8 years ago)


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