Kusmi Tea

The eldest son of a humble Russian peasant family, Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff (1840-1908) left his native village at the age of 14 to look for work in St. Petersburg. He was taken on as a delivery boy in a tea store.The manager of this store soon noticed the surprising qualities of this lad, who could neither read nor write, and decided to give him some training.He taught him about the trade and the secrets of the tea blends. When Pavel got married, his boss gave him a small shop as a wedding present. And this is how the P. M. Kousmichoff tea firm was born in 1867.

The tea trade expanded first in Russia, later in London and with the Russian Revolution the family fled for Paris and opened a new tea shop, they shortened the name to Kusmi Tea.

Favourites are now : Prince Vladimir, Anastasia ( Blend of black teas from China and Ceylon flavoured with bergamot, lemon and orange blossom : I tasted it last night and it's delicious and very delicate), Detox. 

The tea comes in nice metal boxes, perfect as a gift.

Kusmi Tea, 75,Av Niel, 75017 Paris , M°Ternes // 56, R. de Seine, 75006 Paris, M° Mabillon - Odéon



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