Fashion at rue Condorcet

Woch Dom at number 72, chic vintage at a higher price, very "in" at the moment.

Anna Rivka at number 57, funny accessories made of old jewels and new materials mixed together.

Vogler Laurent at number 49, in a boutique made with "strass and paillettes" and purple walls, this inventive creator makes a collection chicissime with comfortable materials ( microfiber, silk, velvet, satin)

Philippe Terré, at 12, Rue Bochart de Saron ( a side street of Condorcet ), makes accessories as hats and co in the tissue and colors of your choice. At that point your accessories will be a perfect match with your outfit. If you bring your dress, he will discuss with you how your hairpin, your shoes and/or your purse have to look like, and he has an ultimate taste.


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