Sole, Caffe & Cucina

Around the corner of our Montmartre studiolofts, Av. Trudaine-Rue de Rochechouart - Sole, Caffe & Cucina is an Italian bar and restaurant.

They serve excellent pasta and a good sunday brunch. A lot of families come on sunday.

The interior is bobo style, retro 70's. The artworks change often and are for sale.

What a pity : the service is retro too , meaning when the Parisians though that Paris was still the middle of the universe. The service is not friendly and not efficient. But once you know,you can only laugh about it.And if you are lucky - you get a friendly smile anyway as the staff is changing so quickly as I found out yesterday.

Sole, Caffe & Cucina, 1, Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris, tel 01 42 81 11 34


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