Les petites sorcières

“People come to Ledoyen to dream,” says Ms. Ghislaine Arabian, housewife, mother, the talk of Paris and arguably one of the world’s most talented woman chefs. Ten years ago was a turning point for Ghislaine Arabian, France's feisty, beer-cooking, superstar chef. French television broadcast Zone Interdite, a fly-on-the-wall documentary, filmed in Arabian's kitchens at Ledoyen, the legendary Paris restaurant. Madame Arabian, the Michelin two-star executive chef, was seen having a serious sense of humour breakdown and filmed while she hit a member of the cooking-crew.... Next day she was fired. After a self-imposed exile from restaurants, Arabian came back. "I took a sabbatical cooking privately in Paris, Japan and Singapore." She started "le 16 sur 16" and almost got three Michelin stars, but before she could get them, she probably was fired again.

Now she started a new restaurant: "Les petites sorcières" The food is back to basics with a very good price/quality for lunch. The excellent dishes came very slowly and to our surprise Arabian was not in the kitchen but was serving in the restaurant. But if you got the time it is a winner.

12, rue Liancourt - 75014 Paris - Tél : 01 43 21 95 68 - M° Denfert-Rochereau


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