Bouillon Chartier

White-aprones waiters serve at this Belle Epoque venue, as they have been doing since 1896.

Butcher Pierre Duval openend in 1811, Rue de la Monnaie, an establishment that offered a startling new concept: bouillon hollandais - Dutch stew. He began by serving only this hearty dish to hungry customers. In response to increasing demand, the restaurant owner expanded his menu and soon openend other establisments in Paris, Chartier being one of them.

Today students mingle happily with ministers and locals.

Expect good, honest food that won't hurt the wallet. The menu changes daily, but pot au feu ( meat stew) has been served every Monday for a century.

7, rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris, tel ( metro: grands boulevards)


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