Looking for a place to have a nice romantic dinner? Or a quick snack? Here's a list of highly recommended restaurants. I've tried all of these myself...

Le Miroir

After a passage with Alain Ducasse ” Aux Lyonnais”, the chef and sommelier wanted to fly on their own. They decided to start a small bistrot where the ingredients of the food are the most important. And so they created a bistrot de chef where the chef can be creative and make very tasty dishes. [...] (Read more)

Cul de Poule

On the near Rue des Martyrs,  on walking distance from our Montmartre Studio Loft , is a simple but savoury restaurant. Don’t expect chic dining because the ambiance gives a feeling back to the 60-70’s with formica furniture. The food however is fresh and with excellent ingredients. They have a small wine list.
Cul de Poule, [...] (Read more)

Charlot Roi des Coquillages

Charlot Roi des Coquillages is a traditinal seafood restaurant in Paris on walking distance of the Montmartre studio Lofts.
Charlot is wellknown for its Seafood Platter but Charlot?s Seafood Bisque and Swordfish Steak are amongh quite recommended specialities.
Its decor is a little bright with motifs of sea, pink colors, and several mirrors making the restaurant appear [...] (Read more)

Le Café de la Paix

Le Cafe de la Paix  is undoubtedly one of the most popular in Paris. With its exquisite Second Empire style, it has forever been a favored hangout for celebrities and tourists alike. The leafy look combined with the rich decor of ornate work and deep polished wood creates an atmosphere of freshness blending with class.
You [...] (Read more)

Nomiya : a floating table on the Parisian skyline

Last year it was a hotel on the rooftop of Palais de Tokyo, this year it’s a restaurant
Text: Rooksana Hossenally  for Vingt
The Palais de Tokyo has teamed up with an unlikely partner to create Nomiya, a floating experience to be relished up close to the heavens amongst Paris? unique skyline. Replacing the Everland hotel room, [...] (Read more)

Sous les Cerisiers : Franco-Japanese Fusion

Text: Brendan Seibel for Vingt
Considering the West’s proclivity toward drowning Asian dishes in salted sauces, the concept of Japanese-French fusion cuisine would probably drive many chefs to seppuku. Deftly ducking the perils of gastronomic disaster, Sous les Cerisiers sprinkles rather than smothers its lovingly prepared menu. While the delectable dishes may inspire the same empathy [...] (Read more)

Les enfants perdus

In the Vingt I read about an interesting restaurant. The recently re-opened Les Enfants Perdus gives a very good indication of what most of us have known for a while ? that the canal-side area north of République is moving up in the world, but this restaurant seems to offer something a little bit different [...] (Read more)

Au Petit Riche

No,that’s not Flaubert or Balzac walking through the door, but should they miraculously return, the decor of old Paris, with the original gas lamps adn time-mellowed paneling, will make them feel at home.
The place openend in 1865 as the restaurant associated with the very large and then-solvent Café Riche next door. After Café Riche  burned [...] (Read more)


Most of the megachefs in Paris nowadays have little brasseries apart from their expensive restaurant, so also Alain Dutournier of Carré des Feuillants. His is on a nearby street. 
Within Pinxo a good-looking waitstaff encourages clients to share their starters and platters with their tablemates. This becomes relatively easy because anytime something appears on a plate, [...] (Read more)

Au Pied de Cochon

Their famous onion soup and namesake speciality ( grilled pigs’ feet with béarnaise sauce) still lure visitors and where in Paris can you get such a good meal at 3 am ? It’s our favourite when we come to Paris very late . It’s always very crowded but the service is very efficient.
As the name [...] (Read more)

Chez Vong

This is the kind of Les Halles restaurant you head for when you’ve had your fill of grand cuisinge and pretensions. 
The decor is soothing mix of greens and browns, steeped in a Chinese-colonial ambience that evokes early 1900s Shanghai. You could easily imagine James Bond coming in with a nice woman at his side.
The chef’s [...] (Read more)

The Hidden Kitchen

Since a year or two we see an influx of young American chefs . They change the traditional restaurant scene a bit with tiny restaurants – 4 tables only ( genre Spring) or serving food at their appartment (genre Hidden Kitchen). And if there is one dinner to plan in advance of your trip to [...] (Read more)

Finkelsztajn Sacha

This Jewish deli specializing in what it calls “la gastronomie Yiddish” from Central Europe and Russia has been around since 1946. Sacha Finkelsztajn has a pricey but ? delectable selection of breads, spreads, pastries, cold cuts, and other take-out specialties.
His Strudel are delicious andso his cheese-cake. But the reason to come here is for [...] (Read more)

No stress café

In Paris the big thing is massage or relaxation at the brasserie or café.
Not for the shy, the massage chair at the No Stress Cafe is in the middle of the room. Available from 9 to 11:30 p.m., it costs just ?10 for 15 minutes of shiatsu. ? Come for Sunday brunch and get [...] (Read more)

Brasserie Terminus Nord

Terminus Nord, just in front of Gare du Nord is an old institution. It is open every day, even on Sunday evening ( exceptional in Paris)
The restuarant is reasonably priced, full of Parisians and has nice “plateau de fruits de mer”. The staff is friendly and even if they don’t speak English, they try to [...] (Read more)


Contemporary Japanese restaurant with wild wall murals. It’s a mix of Japanese manga-inspired figures and French Baroque motifs.
The brainchild of the artist and fashion designer Shinsuke Kawahara, this new minimalist-cool restaurant has generated a cult following for its clever French-Japanese hybrid cuisine.
Usagi, 58, rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris, tel +33 1 48 87 28 85
(Read more)

Le belle Hortense

For a digestif, join the assorted intellectuals crowding the classic zinc bar at La Belle Hortense (31, rue Vieille-du-temple), a cozy Old-World style wine bar.
Straight and gay, leather-bound and tweed-wrapped, thte crowd swirls wines by the glass and chats animatedly about highfalutin topics.
The place is also a bookstore, stacked with high with centuries of French [...] (Read more)

Le Pré Catelan

Le Pré Catelan is the epitome of belle-époque romance.
In an elegant Napleon III villa with a listed interior, right in the Forest of Boulogne, talented chef Frédéric Anton creates an inventive and refined fine dining experience, and was awarded the coveted third star in the 2007 Michelin Guide.
Le Pré Catelan,Route  de Suresnes ? Bois de [...] (Read more)

Café Suédois

If you like the taste of the season and sitting outside in a nice ambiance, then the terrrace of the Café Suédois is a must.
The café is part of the Swedish Cultural Center in Paris. They have high standard exhibitions and events.
Café Suédois,11, rue Payenne,75003 Paris, tel + 33 1 44 78 80 11, M° [...] (Read more)

Ze Kitchen Galerie

This arty-chic loft where art and food meets, is a nice place to have a flavourfull dinner. 
The chef William Ledeuil explains us that cooking is a game, the soul of his cooking is the child in him. He is always into new tastes, new combinations. 
Ze Kitchen Galerie combines art, cuisine and architecture to a high [...] (Read more)


Fogón, in Spanish, is the word for the stove or hearth where people used to cook in times gone by. Alberto?s choice of name clearly sets out his agenda: you go to his restaurant first and foremost to eat!
 Dining at Fogón is to immerse yourself in the tapas culture which expresses, through its blend of [...] (Read more)

Le mer de Chine

Some Parisians think this is the best “Chinese” in town. They serve high quality food with originality.
Le Mer de Chine,159, Rue du Chateau-des-Rentiers, 75013 Paris, tel +33 1 45 84 22 49, M° Nationale
(Read more)

Le café de la Paix

Once frequented by Maupassant, Zola, Marlène Dietrick and Oscar Wilde. They had a make-over some years ago and the place looks more sophisticated, but is still a must close to the Opéra Garnier. 
Do try the “gateau Opéra”, it’s out of this world!
Café de la Paix, 12, Bd des Capucine, 75009 Paris, M° Opéra, tel +33 [...] (Read more)

La Bigarrade

Given a Michelin star makes this restaurant more popular than ever. 
The chef Christian Pelé did choose a new place, let it make over by a couple woman designers and started his creations.
Very talented, this artist has a sharp sense of the new tastes and the composition of his dishes.
La Bigarrade, 106, rue Nollet , 75017 [...] (Read more)

La Gazzetta

Originaly a wine bar with great Italian wines, and of course delicious French wines, but also dark Spanish wines, they also serve good food made by the Swedisch chef Petter Nilsson. 
He serves meat that melts on your tongue and other great dishes.
Le Gazzetta,29, Rue de Cotte, 75012 Paris, M° Ledru-Rollin, tel +33 1 43 47 [...] (Read more)


One of the best kaiseki restaurants in Paris. If you’re a Japanese and you miss your country, then this is the place to come. It’s classy japanese food, mostly fish.
The name Hotaru is the name of a courtisane in a famous Japanes roman.
Hotaru, 18, Rue Rodier, 75009 Paris, tel. + 33 1 48783374, M° Cadet [...] (Read more)

Krishna Bhavan

During weekends there is almost anytime a qeue outside the restaurant, but on Sunday evening you can easily get a seat. 
This very tasty Indian cuisine is  100% vegetarian. They do specialise in all kinds of bread which comes with tasty sauces and vegetables. Together with a mango lassi ( order one without sugar and a [...] (Read more)


Anahi is an Argentine restaurant in an old pork-butcher’s shop. It’s full of fashion and media people and gives you a bohemian feeling.
Of course the meat is juicy and tender , the empanadas are the way they need to be and the South-American wines are full-bodied.
Anahi, 49, Rue Volta, 75003 Paris, tel +33 1 [...] (Read more)

Breizh Café

French crêpes with a Japanese twist, washed down with Breton cider. A new kind of crêpes experience.
Believe it or not, it works.
Even when you have a hangover from the last night, you can have a nice brunch on Sunday with your sunglasses on and unshaved.
Breizh Café , 109, Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003, tel +33 [...] (Read more)

Mama Shelter

The most talked-about hotel opening in 2008 was Mama Shelter. Serge Trigano ( former CEO of Club Med) called in Ph Starck to work.
Witty details and gorgeous finishes - raw and waxed concrete; hi-tech glass and steel; rustic wood; and graffitied blackboard-style ceilings - are accompanied by plenty of gadgetry : each room has an [...] (Read more)

Café de Flore

For subte and invisible French reasons, Café de Flore is fashionable and even Parisians go there, too… mostly to sit inside, not on the terrace. It’s an institution both loved by tourists and locals.
Although I love to sip on a coffee in the first sunshine of April, thinking of the great writers and philosophers who [...] (Read more)

Brasserie Lipp

Most of the classic Paris Brasseries have sold their souls. In the few that survive, the old order is maintained by the waiters and the maîtere d’.
Lipp has its own snobberies. It tend to put tourists upstairs and refuses entry to those wearing shorts. Certain tables of this beautiful Art Nouveau brasserier are more prestigious [...] (Read more)

La pomme d'Amour

This month at Hôtel Le Meurice (Read more)

Guilo Guilo

Choosen by Fooding as "the taste of the year" (Read more)

Fabrique 4

Chef Wim Van Gorp, topchef at the Market, did start his own humble bistro... (Read more)

Bar du Plaza Athénée

If you want to impress ... (Read more)


"The modern icecreammaker" (Read more)

Le César

Danish cool bistro (Read more)

Chéri Bibi

New hip bistro (Read more)

Bistro A La Renaissance

A bistro " du quartier" (Read more)

Le comptoir du Relais

If you don't mind queuing, it's more than worthwhile (Read more)


An obsolete place with plenty of charm and hot chocolate to die for... (Read more)

Les Editeurs

In the Quartier de L'Odéon, heart of literary Paris (Read more)

La crémerie

Degustations of nice French cuisine and wine (Read more)

Trendy brunch at Le Murano

The Murano Urban Resort is a hip place with a good restaurant (Read more)

Café Rendez-Vous des Amis

Also named Les Philosophes (Read more)

Gaya Rive Gauche

Fish recipes by Pierre Gagnaire ...
(Read more)

Brunch at Catz in the weekend

Cosy restaurant, tea-room in the 9th arr (Read more)


A little evening restaurant (Read more)

Les pâtes vivantes

Nono, it's not an Italian, it's a small chinese restaurant !!! (Read more)


American burgers, hot-dogs, milkshakes, etc (Read more)

Le Diapason at the Rooftop of the Terrass Hôtel

If you want a panoramic sight of Montmartre at your feet (Read more)


Good quality pastries, tasty café, sunny terrace and beautiful "People" (Read more)

Le Transversal at the MAC/VAL and Maison Rouge

A laboratory between art and kitchen (Read more)

Le Rostand

With a sunny terrace and a view of Jardin de Luxembourg (Read more)

La Maison de l'Amerique Latine

A magical garden in the middle of Paris (Read more)

Chez Haynes

Nostalgic traditional Louisana cuisine (Read more)


If you can get a table, ask for "la salle" upstairs : Le Passage Bar (Read more)


This small restaurant - just 16 covers - is 5 min. from our apartments Montmartre Studioloft (Read more)

Le Chateaubriand

This bobo bistro in the grungy 11th (Read more)

Le Paprika

"Budapest's best Hungarian restaurant is in Paris", Gilles Pudlowsky (Read more)

Un Zèbre à Montmartre

One of the neighbourhood's most delightful adress with a sunny bijou terrace (Read more)

La Mascotte

You like a dozen of oysters or a good wholesom grub, just like in the old days ? (Read more)

Le Dôme du Marais

Close friends of us had a nice weekend in one of our furbished Montmartre Studio-loft, and went back to their old-love ... (Read more)


What can we offer you if you're bored of sushi (Read more)

La Charlotte de l'Isle

A favorite place for hot chocolate and flavoured teas is La Charlotte de l'Îsle, a cluttered, almost alarmingly charming little cafe on the Île St-Louis (Read more)

Tea for two

"The fragance of adventure and poetry endlessly pervades each cup of tea" Henri Mariages (Read more)

The River café

Dining on a bark of the Seine

Bouillon Chartier

Eat a part of history (Read more)

Willi's Wine Bar

Well-known establishment in Paris (Read more)

Sobane, new style Korean cuisine

The Korean cuisine can be a discovery (Read more)

Sole, Caffe & Cucina

If you are longing for the sun and a café on a sunny terrace (Read more)

Rooftop of Hôtel Raphaël

Garden with a view (Read more)

Les petites sorcières

"The little witches" is where Ghislaine Arabian stirs the pans, we tought (Read more)

Les Orchidées

At Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme the architect Ed Tuttle made a contemporary place (Read more)

Chez la mère Catherine

A restaurant that first opened in 1793 (Read more)

Le Dali - Meurice Hotel

Redesigned winter 2007 by Philippe Starck and his daughter Ara, the "Jardin d'Hiver" of the Meurice from now on is called "Le Dali" (Read more)

La S/ alumeria

Next door La Pizetta, Av. Trudaine, 22 (Read more)

Ducasse at Eiffel Tower

The new Jules Verne is ready for its debut with a classic French menu. (Read more)

L'Art des Choix

Little French restaurant in the neighbourhood. (Read more)

Mini palais

Opened this summer (2007) in a wing of the "Grand Palais", this is restaurant is a rather unique experience. Do visit it, preferably during the summer - even if you only have a drink there - the terrace is an experience on it's own. Original & intriguing menu by Gilles Choukroun (same chef as in Angl'Opéra and Café Véry. (Read more)

L'atelier de Joel Robuchon & La Table de Joel Robuchon

Maybe the best restaurant in Paris for the moment. (Read more)


Very charming Moroccan restaurant located between place de la Bastille and place de la Nation. (Read more)

Hélene Darroze & LE SALON

An originally decorated restaurant with a table d'hôtes for 50 Euros on the ground floor. On the first floor, sample gourmet cuisine from Landes for around 120 Euros. (Read more)

L'Angle du Faubourg

Not so many people know this restaurant yet - not even Parisians. This the second restaurant of the great TAILLEVENT. (Read more)

Hotel Amour

Excellent drinks: do try the Poiret. It's a sparkling drink made from pears from a 300 year old orchard in Normandy (made like cider). (Read more)

Chez Juliette

This place is a real winner, some of our guests go every other day. They serve a really good steak tartare. (Read more)

A la Pomponette

An old-fashioned Montmartre bistro straight out of a Toulouse-Lautrec sketch. Here you can meet the original, genuine, exuberant atmosphere of Montmartre. Inexpensive, simple and good with a great choice of regional wines. Food is good, atmosphere fun and the memorabilia on the walls a hoot. Inexpensive. (Read more)

Moulin de la Galette

Superb food on every occassion that I have visited the place. Correct service, friendly staff. (Read more)

Rose Bakery

Small restaurant in the rue des Martyrs. (Read more)

Corso ( former Da Claudio)

Excellent Italian restaurant just around the corner from where we were staying. (Read more)

Le Petrelle

Small & cosy restaurant with a quirky interior. (Read more)

Aux Pipalottes Gourmandes

The few tables in this wonderful deli, near Montmartre, are beseiged at lunchtime. Get there early. 44 Rue Rochechouart, 75009
(Read more)