Paris with Kids

La buvette gastrothèque

They don’t take reservation but when you come in they note your name. While waiting you can have a nice coctail or a good glass of wine. They bring in a new way of running a restaurant, starting with breakfast till dinner non-stop. The portions are not big but very succulent. And it’s on walking [...] (Read more)

Le Poussette Café

Maybe it’s coincidence, but since 2008 when the smoking ban took effect in France, cafes and restaurants seem to have more children in them. It is now fairly common to see couples sharing a drink with friends with a baby in tow, of digging into steak frites with a toddler in their lap. The poussette [...] (Read more)

Charming picnic places – 2

3/ EPICERIE GENERALE AND PONT DES ARTS At this typical French épicerie you can buy all good. They also offer ready-made picnic baskets with bread, cheese, vegetables and wine. Epicerie Générale, 43, Rue de Verneuil, 75007 Paris 4/ BOB’s JUICE AND CANAL SAINT-MARTIN Bob did open his smoothie bar three years ago. Here you can [...] (Read more)

Le “Dodo Manège” aux Jardin des Plantes

“Where else but Paris can a kid ride on an extinct beast? On the ?Dodo Manège? carousel in Paris? Jardin des Plantes they can ride on not only a dodo or a triceratops, but also a horned turtle (tortue à cornes), a glyptodon, a thylacine, or a sivatherium. There are also a few non-extinct animals [...] (Read more)

Pâtisserie des rêves

15 years ago we were fond of the brothers Conticini. My son’s best desert ever was a little fried chocolat ball with dripping chocolate inside. Now one of the brothers Conticini has his own tea room with great patries. What to think of …a dream come true strawberry pie. Sweet dough, crushed almond butter, a [...] (Read more)

Le “Dodo Manège” aux Jardin des Plantes

“Where else but Paris can a kid ride on an extinct beast? On the ?Dodo Manège? carousel in Paris? Jardin des Plantes they can ride on not only a dodo or a triceratops, but also a horned turtle (tortue à cornes), a glyptodon, a thylacine, or a sivatherium. There are also a few non-extinct animals [...] (Read more)


From the blog : parisbymouth
Chef Bertrand Grébaut climbed the ranks at L?Arpège before going on to earn a star of his own at Agapé at the tender age of 27. He was awarded a 10,000? grant from Evian-Badoit to realize his vision for Septime, where he said he wanted to ?democratize? haute cuisine. The 26?, [...] (Read more)

Fish La Boissonnerie

Before becoming a bistro it was actually a fish shop and to keep the memory of this, the facade has stayed the same with its tiled mosaics, which is still very apt considering that seafood is very prominent on the menu and is filled with specialities such as smoked salmon, shrimps, caviar, monkfish, steamed mussels, [...] (Read more)


If you want cheap and chic Parisian fashion for young ones, head to Monoprix. (You can also find make-up at a cheap price.)
My daughter and I had great shopping in the basement of Monoprix, Rue de Rennes. We did find rather classic clothes in up-to-date colors at a cheap price. What else do you want [...] (Read more)

Amorino or My Berry

For a sweet treat that the whole family can enjoy together you cannot beat an ice-cream.
If you cannot resist authentic Italian gelati then run to the recently openend Amorino store where you will have a tough time choosing from the available flavours that contain no artificial flavours or colouring. And they make you a very [...] (Read more)


Discover the world under the sea located in the heart of Paris. Cinéaqua is the city’s aquarium where you will discover 10.000 fish and invertebrates, including 25 sharks.
Your children will also love the Touch Pool where they will have a chance, after a visual and auditory tour of the aquarium, to touch the fish themselves.
[...] (Read more)

Jardin d’Acclimatation

It’s also a great place for the kids. With an amusement park, a menagerie and a locomotive train that takes them on a ride through the Bois de Boulogne, they will not want to leave.
Jardin d’Acclimatation, Bois de Boulogne, 75116 Paris, M° Porte Maillot (and you jump on the small train that takes you the [...] (Read more)

Les Etoiles du Rex (The stars of the Rex)

If your children are fascinated by movies and special effects, theb they will love Les Etoiles du Rex.
The beautiful venue will take them on a journey to the heart of cinema with a unique and interactive visit into the magical world of moviemaking.
Le Grand Rex, 1, blvd Poissonière, 75002 Paris, tel. 01 45 08 93 [...] (Read more)

Atelier Renault

For young (and not so young) car-lovers it’s a must-see. An exhibition space showcasing the latest product news from Renault and a boutique boasting more than 350 products including Formula 1 memorabilia will keep everybody occupied for hours.
Atelier Renault, 53, Av. des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris
(Read more)

Shop at the Opera Garnier

It’s a nice shop with two sections : one with a lot of CD’s and DVD’s specialised in ballet or opera, the other sells mostly ballet items. You enter the shop at the right hand side of the opera building itself.  If you enter before 16.30h you also can have a look at the entrance [...] (Read more)

Happy 2011

Enjoy the last days of the Christmas and New Year atmosphere in Paris with the romantic little lights at the Champs-Elysées and everywhere in the city. If you didn’t see the decorations of ” Le Printemps ” and ” Les Galaries Lafayette “, have a glimpse and maybe you can afford that little dress now [...] (Read more)

Renovation of “Les grandes serres”

After some years of restauration, “Les grandes serres” are open again to the public. They got back their splendour and were made more up to date. Everybody can make 4 different voyages and discover the biodiversity of our planet :
- The conservatory of the tropical rain forest ( old winter garden )
- The conservatory of [...] (Read more)

Les Catacombes

Adolescent children like to do something different and a bit scary, a visit to the Catacombs in Paris is one of those things you can offer them and they will like it.

The Catacombs gather the remainders of approximately six million Parisian, transferred between the end from 18e [...] (Read more)

To Bonton with the kids

Sally Peabody gives a great tip on her blog :
If you are visiting Paris with children 12 or under, or, are shopping for kids or grandkids for fashion or accessories with that ineffable French ‘touch’, the new Bonton flagship store in the upper Marais will be a trove of temptations. Bonton is the [...] (Read more)

Les dimanches au Galop

When your children like horses, this sundays are magic. You can bring them to the hippodromes d’ Auteuil and Longchamp for a fun afternoon in the horse-universe. There you can see “real” horses.
They can drive a poney or for the very small go on a wooden horse.
Every Sunday starting 21 th of March until 23 [...] (Read more)

Artazart Bookshop

If you happen to stroll along Canal Saint-Martin, try not to miss this bookshop, specialy if you like graphic design.
Artazart stocks a staggering selection of books on photography, architecture, art, web design, graffiti, journals, magazines, children books, bags, cameras, art resources and anything of a stylish visual nature.
This shop is perfect for finding the ultimate [...] (Read more)

Ice cream or chocolat chaud at Berthillon

A landmark on Ile St-Louis after more than 3 dozen years in business, the salon de thé Berthillon offers the world’s best selection of ice cream.
Try gingerbread, bitter chocolate mousse, rhubarb, melon, kumquat, black currant and any fresh fruit in season. There are moren than 70 flavors and nothing artificial. 
Parisians flock here in such numbers that [...] (Read more)

Pets at Quai de Megisserie

When the kids are bored of the musea or the French monuments, take them for a stroll along de quai de Megisserie. There you can find cats and dogs, but also squirrels and toucans next to goats and ferrels.
It’s great browsing them, a truly unique experience
Quai de Megisserie, M°
(Read more)

Picnic à la francaise

On Paris Trip Tips I read enjoyable idea. Pick up a picnic at a good restautant nearby and enjoy the real Paris. Look what they wrote :
There?s nothing quite like a picnic in Paris. On the banks of the Seine, on the Pont des Arts (which I don?t really recommend because everyone else in the [...] (Read more)

Barack Obama at Musée Grevin

Barack Obama will be seen next to Nicolas Sarkozy,Angela Merkel and Vladimir Poutin.
But before the wax version of Barack Obama will be integrated in the museum, it did a little walk in front of the Eiffel Tower to take some photos. Of course many people were troubled by seeing this.
The wax version of Obama is [...] (Read more)

Le Bouillon Chartier

July 1th le Bouillon Chartier will reopen its doors after major works of the tehnical parts ( kitchen, technical parts, etc).
The waiting wil be over soon. This mytical restaurant (its a historic monument) has been cleaned but will have the same décor so we can still find the real soul of Chartier.
The food will stay [...] (Read more)


Children's fair at Tuileries gardens during summer months. (Read more)

Disneyland Paris with Christmas

See this magical world during Christmas time.... (Read more)


A charming circus in the middle of the city (Read more)

The Macarons contest

At Rue Bonaparte you can compare Old and New Style Macarons.... (Read more)


The only café reserved for kids up to 16 (Read more)

Disneyland Paris

A day at Disneyland Paris can be great fun... (Read more)

Musée en herbe

A new concept where children become part of the piece of art to understand more about the artist (Read more)

Paris, a great city for kids

Most of the people tell you to leave your kids at home, but they adore Paris. (Read more)