New kid on the block, around the corner of the romantic studioloft and very tasty.

The ambiance of the restaurant is convivial: all plates are made for tasting (half the menu is à partager and half is à deguster) while a wall-length banquette, a countertop bar, and a lofty, clean space make for plenty of standing room and encourage intergroup mingling. A place for lovers and friends, Braisenville seems to abide by two credos: 1) patience is a virtue and 2) sharing is caring. Hey, maybe you?ll even make enough friends to order the chef?s colossal masterpiece: the black angus côte de b?uf. Ohhh, the art of braise.

 Braisenville,36 Rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris, Tel.:+33 9 50 91 21 74
open: 12:00?14:30, 19:30?23:30



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