Tango at the banks of the river

A magical place where you can danse tango in Paris every nice evening of the summer, from May till September, weather permitting. Here you can catch the tango virus or just relax with a drink and watch the couples gliding on the dancefloor. The programmation varies depending the organisator, sometimes some rock and salsa come in.

The evening starts mostly at 21h till 1h,2h, 3h in the morning dependig the day of the week. Free tango initiation from Juin till September ( 19h or 19.30h till 20.30h or 21h) , depending the organisator.

In the parks and gardens of square Tino Rossi ,Quai Saint-Bernard,75005 Pairs, between Austerlitz and l’Institut du Monde Arabe.

M° Jussieu (head to the Seine and take a right) or M° Austerlitz ( head to the Seine and take a left), on the banks of the Seine you have some little amphitheathers, and just listen to the music....


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