La Pagode - Cinéma treasure in Paris

Monsieur Morin, founder of the Bon Marché department store, was deeply in love with his wife. She couldn't resist any imported Chinese of Japanese goods. The Oriental style was quite fashionable in their day. Ever ready to please her he build a real pagoda in their garden.

The architect was striving for authenticity and went so far that he imported from Japan hand-carved woodwork. Madama Morin threw lavish parties and the couple would show up dressed as emperor and empress. But... his wife left him for an associate's son.

What a story, what a great scenario for a movie ! That's problably why since 1930 the doors of the Pagoda have been open to cinema fans. A cinematic temple devoted to showing art and experimental films, the theater is undoubtedly the most exotic in Paris. 

La Pagode, 57bis, Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris, M° Saint-Francois-Xavier 


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