La Nouvelle Eve

Being a remain of the Belle Epoque and a famous place of the post-war Parisian life, La Nouvelle Eve is a beautiful cabaret with lovely cherubs and stucco imps.In Tripadvisor it's said to be a good show, less fine dining. 

A revue at the Nouvelle Eve is on the borderline between "music-hall" and "cabaret". It's a clever mixture of feathers and conviviality. This lively show will enable you to participate, with humour and boldness. Here the concept of the Parisian cabaret is much in evidence. You'll marvel at the enchantment of feathers and the splendour of The Woman. You'll be entertained thanks to cheerful and fabulous attractions. 

Their last creation "Paris Je T'aime " is still running and gives you an impression of Paris through the ages.

La Nouvelle Eve, 25, Rue Fontaine, 75009 Paris, tel, 01 48 78 37 96, M° Pigalle - M° Clichy


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