Is Pigalle safe at night?

After having been to Paris several times (and can't wait to go back) I have always felt safe in the Pigalle district even late at night. I don't think you're in physical danger, however, we did have an incident where a thief grabbed our video camera and bag and ran. As luck would have it, the cops were actually on the lookout for this guy and we chased him right past the cops. (We didn't know this and thought all was lost) The next morning our concierge called and said for us to get to the police station that they had our camera. We wondered how in the world they found us! We hadn't even filled out a report! We did have a tag on the camera with our names. The first night in Paris, my husband took some video off of our balcony with had a great view of the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides. The detectives got together, watched the video, narrowed down the area where they thought we were staying and started calling hotels until they found us. Now THAT is service! And people complain about Parisians? We have always been treated with the utmost kindness. Sorry about the're safe in Pigalle, but as mentioned, keep your wallet in your front pocket. If you have a bag, hold the strap down close to the bag. Ladies might want to strap purses diagonally across their bodies. Even after our experience we always find ourselves back in Pigalle and feel safe.

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Last visit: Feb 25, 2008


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