Bar Park Hyatt - Vendôme Paris

The Bar welcomes its guests in a glamorous and trendy setting, while remaining truly private.The bar, a long coffee table, is proudly set in the middle of the venue and allows Yann Daniel, the Head Barman, to act as if on stage, in full view of clients seated in large armchairs and taking delight in viewing the preparation of cocktails.

Last night we tried out the bar with an experimental cocktail "Into my bubble" and a more classic one "100% Red". Both of them were marvelous. The service is very professional and friendly. The making of the cocktails is fun looking at, as are the guests and their shoes. "Into my bubble" took the barman at least 15 minutes to make and had quite some secrets in the bubbles.

Park Hyatt Paris - Vendôme, 5, Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris, M° Opera


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