The Flea Market ( Marché aux Puces)

But easily reached by M° Porte de Clignancourt or by taxi or by private car ( but there is ample parkingspace available).

The Marché aux Puces is comprised of several different markets, each offering a different quality of merchandise and certainly different atmospheres. Visitors should make an exploratory visit and then decide where they might wish to concentrate their attention. It is amazing how quickly one can become oriented to what might seem at first to be a confused, sprawling mass. Be patient, look at everything, bargain carefully and buy wisely. Then you will never be disappointed. You will be astonished at how many of the market people speak English.

All the main markets ( Biron, Vernaison, Malassis, Dauphine, Serpette and Paul Bert ) are entered from the Rue des Rosiers, the main street.

There are plenty of restaurants and café to rest your tired feet and have a meal. Restaurant Biron is known to have good food, the host and all the family are charming and give excellent service.

Unless you have a particular dealer in mind and have targeted on a specific purchase, plan to spend at least half a day browsing. A full day is even better.

Most merchants are open on Saterday and Sunday from 9,30 h to about 18,00 h. A few are open on Friday and Monday by appointment.

Marché Biron, 85, Rue des Rosiers, is one of the most interesting markets of the Puces. It has French furniture with dealers in lighting, garden ornaments, some fine glass and silverware. Most of it is XVIII of XIX century. The restaurant Biron is at the very top.

Marché Cambo, is a small covered market with several first class dealers in a pleasant atmosphere, drop in on your way to the Biron.

Marché Dauphine, 140, Rue des Rosiers, a handsome new building, all under glass which houses 300 stands mostly with decorative objects. This market also diplays an overwhelming amount of "brocante" merchandise, but it is well worth the browsing.

Marché Malassis at n° 142 is a handsome modern building fully equipped with escalators, coffee bars and excellent lighting. The market displays a broad mix of the better stuff and the amusing. It is not the quality level of the other markets.

Marché Paul Bert, 104, Rue des Rosiers, is one of the largest and the most typical. With over 200 shops covering every imaginable specialty, it has become a favourite shopping mall for professionals from all over the world. The dealers are good negotiators, but the quality of their ware certainly deserves hard bargaining from both buyers and sellers. Much of the market is outdoors so summertime browsing becomes a real pleasure.

Marche Serpette, 110, Rue des Rosiers, is one of the most fascinating markets. It is a marvellous place to explore at any time and especially in bad weather. The antiques, art and collectibles are excellent: some of the best you will find anywhere.

Marché Vernaison, 99, Rue des Rosiers, is the oldest market in Saint-Ouen. 300 merchants sell you good quality with the idea in mind of the decorator, the architect and the sophisticated individual.


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