Tunnel Love



The Parisian spirit engulfs you as soon as you step on the cobbled street in Montmartre where our apartment is. It is a small space, yet with every amenity that you need not peep outside your front door for the entire weekend break. A small kitchen unit is cleverly hidden in the wall, a sunken bed that inclines so you can watch the large plasma and a wonderful circular bath hidden behind a frosted screen. The dark silver walls and wooden floor, crisp white bed linen and fresh roses completely seduces any English reserve that may have been lingering.

Down our enchanting street and a few twists and turns later we find the home of the best baguette in Paris in Jean Pierre Cohier's boulangerie that beguiles us both into a two hour espresso and pastry. Another turn and Madonna's favourite restaurant rests idle until the sun sets and the night life spills the street in a whirl of colourful verbosity.


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