The Macarons contest

The favourite cookie of my daughter is a macaron. So one saterday afternoon we decided to go in chase for the best macaron. We wanted to make a comparison between Pierre Hermé, the "Picasso of Pastry" and the old style classic Ladurée.

So we started queuing at Pierre Hermé, 72, Rue Bonaparte. Half an hour later we could enter the shop. The pastries looked marvellous and oh so delicate, but we only ordered the macarons. While strolling along Rue Bonaparte we tasted some and we were not really suprised. The macarons tasted good but that was it.

We passed Boulevard Saint-Germain and the little church of Saint-Germain. Out of the church came a young bride dressed elegantly in white with a touch of ruby red. My daughter was delighted. She started already dreaming of her prince on the white horse.

We walked further to Ladurée at n°21 and started queuing again for half an hour. The shop is charming in the old fashioned way. A tea room next to it is set in the orangerie and young ladies may choose their sweet delights behind the counter. Next time we'll have a tea and cookies there. We did choose our macarons a bit of every taste (Framboise, Red Fruit, Vanille, Chocolat, etc). Once outside we started tasting and ... the macarons were excellent : crispy cookie and delicate flavourfull cream.

The sun was shining and we searched for a seat right in the automn sun and ate our macarons. We have points to each cookie and in the end guess .... the Macarons of Ladurée won the game. So next time we try to buy some macarons at Ladurée even if it's a bit old fashioned.


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