The color wil be "gray" in all its shades

Fall 2008 will be a simple and hard winter, the flowers from the summer won't blossom anymore, the color palette wil be more depressing.

The star of the fall 2008 season will be clothing. Chic, streamlined, elegant clothing that wreaked of a kind of timelessness that never goes out of style; silhouettes like simple cocktail shifts, pea coats, straight pants and razor-sharp jackets. It would be wrong to call it minimalism because that word now evokes a time in the mid-1990s. Now the look is sleek and no-nonsense, more vertical. Black and white and gray being the predominant color palette.

For shoes there are two extremes : man-shoes and high pumps ( even with real nails as heels). Purses are small again.



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