Rick Odums Danse Center

It's open to anyone, but the ballet classes  have everyone from intermediate non-pro dancers to real dancers from the Opera. So if you're on holiday and doesn't want stop training or having fun, get in contact with the centre. It is very near to our furnished apartments Montmartre Studioloft.

Rick Odums Dance Center,54, Rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris,tel : 01 53 32 75 00 - fax : 01 53 32 77 01 M° Place de Clichy


re: Rick Odums Danse Center

Is there a training in the summer for professionals, july or august ??????

I am an dancestudent of the hoge school in Amsterdam, Holland

Is Rick Odums teaching at that time ??????

greetings Laila

Written by Laila Wiersma 21/06/10 (11 years ago)


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