Parc André Citroën

The park André Citroën is built around a central, rectangular lawn. It is embellished with two immense greenhouse pavilions (hosting exotic plants and Mediterranean vegetation) which are separated by a paved area featuring dancing fountains.

The park is split into several parts: The Jardin Blanc (white garden), tree-lined, with little foliage which opens on to the neighbouring area. In its center there is a patio with white flowering plants. The Jardin Noir (dark garden) is a sort of enclosed labyrinth, highly shaded with a very dense and dark vegetation and terraces giving on to a small square. The vegetation and flowering times of the two gardens are contrasted in colour and form.

The vast central lawn includes two lateral zones: On one side, six densely planted serial gardens, alive with golds and coppers, dominate the moving spaces or grow bamboo and wild grasses from a wild meadow. In front of the serial garden, six highly mineralised components, water lilies, waterfalls and towers overhang the water's edge.

Lower down, the jardin des Roches (rock garden) and its sculpted rocks is a paradise for children.

Quai André-Citroën, 75015 - Paris, M° Balard or Javel.


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