Le Turgot

When you want a drink on a real Parisian terras, when you want to do as the locals do, read or correct some papers on a terras, when you want to have a small bite or you just want to rest a bit from another exhausting day, when you like to do some people watching, go down to place Condorcet to Le Turgot. The place is down the street to the right hand side if you leave the Montmartre Studioloft . The first little place you see. Before the renovation of Place Condorcet it was a lousy café, now it is a good place to sit down with correct price/quality drinks and bites.

When we were there last week, we enjoyed having a drink (happy hour comes with real big pints) and do some peoplewatching. On the terras was a young Parisian lady in a red dress with white little dots correcting some papers. Next to us, two beautiful young Brasilian ladies telling their whole life when at a certain moment one of them gave a sign to some young males (dressed in skinny jeans, sneakers, short haircut with a bless, 1day unshaved) who joined them for a while. And then there was the young couple : he was coming from his work, in costume with a stylish briefcase – she in classical outfit (gray skirt and a blouse white and gray stripes, ballerina shoes) did some shopping. Before heading home they had one drink. They took 4 chairs, so that nobody could bother them. She put her little bag next to me and then I could see she did some lingerie-shopping. And then there was the classy young Senegalese lady, dressed in tradional fabrics bright orange and blue, nice juwels and funcky sunglasses. She knew how to drink a “petit café” and impress.

Café Le Turgot,  2,Rue Turgot, 75009 Paris


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