La haute parfumerie - Guerlain

Litlle by little the big parfumbrands are creating what they call "niche parfums" They make new creations again, far away from the mass production back to the niche parfums which made them big.

For almost 10 year all the big brands made easy to smell and easy to buy parfums. But woman don't want to smell like their collegaes, and bosses don't want to smell like their employees, even sisters don't like it, nor mothers and daughters. Those already seeking special smells, could find at Diptyque, Annick Goutal or Serge Luttens what they preferred. But exclusitivity has its price ...

In 2005 Guerlain revamped their famous shop at the Champs-Elysées n° 68 and  lanced the collection "L'art et la matière", but now they want to elevate the craftmanshaft to a higher level with the mysterious  "Quand vient la Pluie (When the rain comes) ...." and it's a big succes.It's such a succes that the other big brands are copy cats and make again "niche parfums".

Even if you don't intend to buy something, just enter the Guerlain shop. It's a jewel of the old grandeur of Paris.

Guerlain, 68, Champs-Elysées, 75006 Paris


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Written by Anna Harris 10/09/09 (12 years ago)


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