Kissing in the " City of Love" : 3

Under the arcades of Palais Royal you can have a quiet stroll with your love whispering sweet words. Palais Royal is a peaceful island in the noisy streets of Paris. Why not offer each other a new fragance ? La parfumerie de Shiseido with parfums of Serge Luttens is your place. Even if you did not intend to, just pretend to and enter the parfumerie. For me it's like entering a boudoir of a princes. Or maybe you're more into "une petite robe noire", a vintage evening-dress of Dior with some second-hand Manolo Blahnik shoes, you can find all that at the shop of Ludon. And for lunch "une tête-à-tête" in Le Grand Vefour where Napoléon and Josephine had dinner as so many other statesmen, politicians and writers. Make a reservation, maybe they will offer you the table of Balzac, as they did to us. After your excellent lunch head to Galerie Vivienne around the corner (entrace Rue des Petits Champs) where you can have a nice tea at A Priori Thé or maybe you prefer licking an icecream together at Cador(Rue de l'Amiral de Coligny 2- metro Louvre-Rivoli). This tearoom has a nice decor with big mirrors, very often used as photoshoot for fashion.


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