Exotic Paris 3

If the Middle-East is more appealing to you :

The Jewish community in the 4th arr. (Le Marais M° Saint-Paul) is very active on Sunday when all the shops are open. Rue des Rosiers is the main street of the Jewish quarter where most of the restaurants and backeries are situated. L'as du Falafel at n° 34 is recommended by Lenny Kravitz as the best falafel in the street and Goldenberg Pletzl at n°7 is a real deli with pastrami to die for. Next to the shop, he started a restaurant where the big names in the world came to have dinner ( Mitterand, Sharon Stone, Marcello Mastroianni, etc). The whole place goes back in time, a bit of nostalgia. The restaurant is closed due to refurbishment but it's said that there is bankruptcy and maybe will disappear. But Chez H'Anna at n° 54 serves delicious jewish specialities and claims to have the best falafel. If you are a sweettooth then the bakery of Sacha Finkelsztajn at n°27 has cheesecake who I never have eaten better. If this culinary feast has given you some apetite for culture then La musée d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaïsme, 71, Rue du Temple,M° Rambuteau can help you out. Not only pieces of art from Zadkine, Chagall and Modigliani can been seen, also the Jewish history is well presented. The Synagoge Agudath Hakehilot, 10, Rue Pavée, is a architectural piece of Art Nouveau by Guimart with interior access.

The old Egyptian world is well presented throughout the whole city. When Napoleon invaded Caïro, the whole of Paris came under the spell of Egypt and maybe... this fascination never ended as shown by the glass pyramid of the Louvre by I.Pei . The Obelisc at the Place de la Concorde came from Luxor and was a present to the French people. When you visit the Louvre - section Egyptian art you will be amazed the high quality of the art . As my daughter said after a 2 hour visit : " My head hurts because it's to nice ". And then there are the statues on the graves of Père Lachaise. In the nighteenth century is was very chic to have an Egytian inspired grave. In the 2d arr. Place du Caire, you can a see a bizar Egyptian house, next to it you can have a stroll in the Passage du Caire.The most interesting aspect of the passage is the façade on the building at number 2 with its representation of the goddess Hathor by three giant heads. Some hieroglyphs can be seen on upper floors. Specialising in the lithography business and shop display mannikins, Passage du Caire is today only of real interest for customers of the clothing wholesalers there. The Egyptian exoticism is hardly visible as the passage has become dirty. Next step is Place du Châtelet where 4 sfinx protect a fountain, remembrance of the Egyptian victory of Napoleon.


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