Exotic Paris 1

Visit a buddhist temple in Chinatown, have a kosher dinner, smoke a waterpipe and count the sfinx along the Seine. The favorite dish of the Parisians ? Couscous ....

The Arabic world in the 5th Arr. has the most amazing building in the Institut du Monde Arabe, the concept of the building (by Jean Nouvel) is an Arab house with a patio and 8 floors around it, the soutfaced facade above the glass-clad storefront, a metallic screen unfolds with moving geometric motifs. The motifs are 240 motor-controlled apertures, which open and close every hour. They act as brise soleil to control the light entering the building. The mechanism creates interior spaces with filtered light — an effect often used in Islamic architecture with its climate-oriented strategies.

Nearby also bring a visit to the Grande Mosquée de Paris, the nice architecture, the teahouse or the hamman, they are all worthwhile. See also -things to do : culture - Rediscovering the mosaics of the Mosque of Paris.

If you are a sweettooth then La bague de Kenza will be paradise for you. Algerian pastries made with honey, almonds, cinnamon, rosewater, orangeblossomwater, mint, etc. The temptation .... La Bague de Kenza, 106, Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris, M° Saint-Maur.

The African world in the 18th Arr. Coming out of the Metro Château Rouge brings you into the Marché Dejean, Rue Dejean. On this market you feel the african vibes. The market opens on african rythm at 5 PM, tues - friday, but on saturday "le tout paris africain" need to buy fresh products and meet friends.

Drinking a good café brings you into La Goutte d'or, the Magrebian quarter at La Chope de Château Rouge, 40, Rue de Clignancourt, 75018 Paris ( walking distance from the Montmartre studio Loft). On weekends ( friday-sat.) they serve couscous for free if you buy a drink. To encourage young fashion designers the Rue de la mode was created. At Rue des Gardes young fashion designer have their shops and create exclusive fashion.

For Senegalese cuisine head to Chez Aïda, 48, Rue Polonceau, 75018 Paris, tel. 01.42.58. 26. 20 M° Château Rouge/Barbes . It's a simple restaurant but the thieboudienne (spicy fish stew over rice) , tastes as in Senegal and is rather cheap. This small Senegalese restaurant has fed some very well known Africans: Princess Erika and Xuli B't just name a few. Serving up good food with great prices in a very simple, perhaps understated decor, Chez Aïda is a sure bet .



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