Cedric Klapisch's film "Paris"

If you’re really lucky, once in a blue moon, you might get to see it snow in Paris. Rarely do snowflakes settle long enough onto the Parisian landscape to leave a lasting impression, and likewise, only on the brink of death does one truly begin to savor and register the details of your hometown. When one’s hometown is Paris, there’s so much to lose – that one can go almost crazy trying to absorb every nuance. So discovers Pierre (Romain Duris) – a young Parisian, handsome – elegant – energetic – and possibly about to die.

Paris takes typical locales, a marketplace a university classroom, a bakery, Rungis wholesale market, a Paris flat in the 18th, and immediately draws the viewer into the daily tragedy.

For a Paris visitor, this film opens up parts of Paris that one may never see during a short trip – and that is also one of the themes of the film.

See it and hope that one day you too will see snowfall on Paris.



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