In a street where a lot of Italian restaurants and deli's are located, an Italian icecream maker couldn't be missed. And what a taste.....

Probably the best icecream outside of Italy and these guys surely can compete with the best of their colleages in Florence or Naples. Why they call it the modern icecreamaker, we can't tell, you better ask them yourself.

We tried the salted caramel ( with Sel de Gerlain ), the vanilla ( to us always the one to do the test with) and icecream of marrons glacés ( glazed chestnuts). The guy let us have a little sip of his favourite: vin rouge with poire sorbet ( red wine with pear). Of the chocolate with orange confit there was almost nothing left. They also make sorbet mojito.... All the tastes were simply to die for and correctly rich.

And the best of all it's on walking distance from the furnishe apartments Montmartre Studioloft.

Caramella, 47, rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris


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