Bar du Plaza Athénée

Some weeks ago we visited Palais de Tokyo, while strolling back we decided around five to have a drink at the Plaza Athénée. The bar was not yet open, so we walked back to the lobby and sit down till six. The bride and the groom and all the guests of two weddings walked in. We could enjoy very nice outfits and beautiful people.

When it was time, we walked again to the bar. The waiters are very professional and friendly. The place is really sexy inside - a long illuminated bar flanked by Louis XV-style metallic stools and small Murano glass lights above. The goal is to escape the present : the overall ambiance is warm and surprising, elegant and sexy, nuanced and electric.

We took one "choice of the bartender" and a classic cocktail. The drinks were delicious specially the bartenders' choice . We were in a good mood and everything went smooth. One little minuspoint : the illuminated bar itself was still a little bit dirty and some of the little lights didn't work. 

Bar du Plaza Athénée, 24, Av Montaigne, 75008 Paris, tel.


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