A la Pomponette

  • authentic
  • great wines - but careful for the bill
  • really friendly people
  • good if you like good meat

Quote from Jack-travel.com: "La Pomponette rue Lepic no.42 and higher up in the rue Lepic at no.61 the Virage Lepic. Closed Sun. evening and Mon, and Aug.
An old-fashioned Montmartre bistro straight out of a Toulouse-Lautrec sketch. Here you can meet the original, genuine, exuberant atmosphere of Montmartre. Inexpensive, simple and good with a great choice of regional wines. Food is good, atmosphere fun and the memorabilia on the walls a hoot. Inexpensive."

42, Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, +33 1 46 06 08 36


A la Pomponette

This place is just outstanding. One of the few one´s lefi in the Montmartre area which still works like the older days fromthe bohemian period. Home-made good food with a range of good wines and extraordinary good performances and shows the last Friday or Saturday each month.
Adrress is wrong written on this page , coz the address is 42, rue Lepic which you easily find by atking the metro to Blanche(blue line) or Abbesses(green line). Beware it´s closed on Sundays. The food isn´t really cheap but the quality is very good.
This place is noisy, lively and very funny if you like to see a place where the guests are a mixture of the local workers, the artists and a bunch of drinkers who loves to have a chat in the bar.
Just amazing that there´s still places like this!
This is truely Montmartre........

Written by Tommie Moller 17/02/08 (13 years ago)

A la Pomponette

I did mention the correct adress now on the site.

Written by Rita 06/04/08 (13 years ago)

re: A la Pomponette

A La Pomponette is certainly simple as explained above. The atmosphere is as far as I can see authentic French bistro style and that is the only good thing about the entire place. Food wise it is worthless regardless of your references, it is just simple, plain and poor. We tried really hard to find something positive to hold on to, but it is simply laughable. Speed is the name of the game and the quality of the food and the pace it is served in, is as far away from the "slow food" movement of today as you can possibly imagine. Knowing how arrogant French restaurant staff can be, we tried to be as humble as humanly possible and it did help, but still...the food is helpless and so is the staff. They don't know ANYTHING about wine and they underestimate everything about since you are a foreigner. Incredibly rude staff, mediocre food at the best and a pitiful wine list. Paris has so much to offer - do NOT waste your money at A la Pomponette.

Written by Benz Hammerstein 03/12/09 (11 years ago)

re: A la Pomponette

@Benz: Sorry to hear about your experiences. Maybe you had other expectancies than what A la Pomponette could offer. Do you know other restaurants in Paris you could recommend? Always happy to try something different.

Written by Montmartre Lofts 05/12/09 (11 years ago)

re: A la Pomponette

Sure, Willi's wine bar. I am sure you know it. It does not have to done with unreasonable expectations I believe. Good unpretentious food, a simple, but clever wine list and friendly staff. That is what we hoped for. It sounded like a place that when I read about it on your page. It is not even inexpensive.

Written by Benz Hammerstein 07/12/09 (11 years ago)

re: A la Pomponette

I have being going to the Pomponette for 30 years and it is a treasure. However during August they will often abandon their traditional menus for a collection of tourist meals that are not as interesting as their traditional menus. I don't go during August as the place gets crowded with tourists and isn't the same place and during the rest of the year.

if you go outside of august and you speak a little French and relax you should have a wonderful evening.

Written by john Davies 08/09/10 (11 years ago)

re: A la Pomponette

I fully agree with Benz Hammerstein, we went there in Dec 2008 and it was terrible then. Burnt food, ignorant staff and heavily overpriced.

Written by C. Stetskamp 10/09/10 (11 years ago)


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