Retrospective of Camille Claudel at Musée Rodin : 15/04 - 20/07/2008

The Musée Rodin is presenting a retrospective of Camille Claudel’s work with over 80 marble, terracotta, plaster, onyx and bronze sculptures as well as engravings and drawings.

A true artistic genius, Camille Claudel was however better known for her passionate relationship with the sculptor Auguste Rodin than for her work.She was his lover and student. The celebrated sculptor was twenty years her senior. While she made no secret of Rodin’s influence on her work, it would seem that the opposite was also true, to the point that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between their respective sculptures.

The exhibition explores this intriguing connection as well as the work of Camille Claudel and her place in the artistic movement of the late 19th century.
This fascinating retrospective of Camille Claudel’s masterpieces draws visitors into the surging creativity of her artistic work. A must-see.

You need to make a reservation by mail, there is a nocturnal until 21h on wednesdays. If the weather is sunny, the museum has a marvellous garden with terrific sculputures, true romance. To my opinion it's the most romantic garden of Paris.

Musée Rodin, 75, Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris


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