Hotel Lutetia by Pierre Assouline

This historical roman will give you another view of the hotel. Some years ago we just walked in and were charmed by the nice Art Déco interior, when I now walk in I think of all the history that's behind the walls. Every big hotel has ghosts but here there are much more. Pierre Assouline wrote a nice roman with the Lutetia as main character.

It all started when the owner of Le Bon Marché, build just in front of the departement store ,a hotel for her customers who came to Paris. She wanted them to be pampered in style. And so the hotel became the best refuge to escape the mediocre live at home. Whith the rich and famous of that time came also the writers and artists with their peculiar style.

A black page in the history of the Lutetia came during the World War II. During the occupation of Paris, the Abwehr had their quarters at the Lutetia. The books and papers of the Germans were not completely burnt yet, and a French ministery came in.

But the most emotional period of all, was the time when the Lutetia was the first stop of a lot of deported people when they came back from the camps. At the Lutetia they were given their identity back, a warm shower, new clothes, a soft bed and good food, before returning home.


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