A few more hints :

- the bath :

1. be careful to have it filled enough - otherwise the system will not start and not to much as it would overflow. The emergency stop is on the bath not on the remote.

There is a circuit- breaker at the left back-side of the bath for extra-safety.

2. use the remote pointing it very right to the central otherwise the instructions don't come through.

3. only use bath-salt ( there is enough of that in the apartment behind the right handed mirror ) -  shampoo and normal soap may of course be used but no bath-foam.

4. Bath-salt etc.. - also hairdryer behind mirrors in front of bath - they open by pushing on them on the down right-side


- the cabinets :

1. there is plenty of space behind the cabinet-doors but please take of shoes when standing on the bed to reach the cabinets along the Armani-bed - otherwise you will leave stains on the doors

2. there are 3 shoe-boxes in the middle cabinet - also a black box with instructions and manuals there - please leave instructions and manuals there again after consultation if necessary

3. opening the doors of the cabinets needs some practice - be careful - they are strong but need to be opened correctly - they slide  as follows :
- there are 7 panels
- the most right panel does not move ( next to window )
- all other panels form couples 2 by 2
-  always open the right panel of every couple first by sliding them completely open from right to left - then open left panel by sliding both to the right - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
- closing  : slide  both panels to left so the left one closes - then slide remaining panel to the right - Careful for your fingers
This needs to be done correctly as otherwise the panels can get stuck or worse fall off - this causes serious damage  and a technical team needs to come to repair it - needless to say that your security deposit will be gone then...
Ask madame Esteves to show you if in doubt!

4. Cabinet-doors at kitchen side : always open standing in front of them by pulling them out straight

- the kitchen :

1. the alu plate on the kitchen table opens smoothly by sliding it away from the mirror

2. at the end you will hear a click

3. to close again lift the click-system at the left hand side under the sliding plate

- lights

1. all light-controls are on the mirror left -side of the bed

2. extra buttons under the bed at both sides for bed-lights only

- blinds

1. always close blinds on leaving the apartment

2. buttons - where light-controls are

- I-pod : to get the music through the B&O push V-TAPE on th remote

Don't forget to refill what you've used after you leave - drinks - coffee etc..

If you forget or fail to find a store open on leaving day - no big deal but let us know - so we can charge that on security deposit.